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Gastronomic Salt Lake City has a proven track record of helping local businesses to improve awareness, engagement and sales. With more than a decade of marketing experience in the food and beverage industry, we know what works. We’d love to work with you directly to grow your own business and increase your sales.

We offer a number of different tools and options, these can be used independently or together for maximum effect. Just get in touch so we can help advise what will work best for you. We succeed when you succeed!

Increase Sales

Where’s the best brunch this weekend? Who has the best burger? Where can I eat downtown right now? These questions are being asked hundreds of times each and every day in SLC – and hungry diners find their way to our site to answer that question. Put your business right in front of these highly qualified consumers actively seeking for what your business can deliver.

Build Brand Awareness

Use the reach of Gastronomic Salt Lake City to share the story of your business over the year. Events, menu updates, specials, you name it – you have a story you need to tell – we want to help share it with thousands of engaged Utah diners.

Site Sponsorship

Available to any business that wants large scale coverage across our website – hundreds of thousands of ad impressions per year guaranteed.

One Off Promotion

If you have a standalone event, promotional activity, contest, product launch or other time limited action – this option lets you reach our readership and social media followers on a one time basis.

Gateway entertainment destination

Please contact today – we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

If you choose to work with us on any of the above packages we will also help amplify your businesses message on social media too. We can work to promote your business on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to massive, engaged Utah audiences.

Social media

Gastronomic Salt Lake City is active on a number of important social media platforms, which we can use to promote your business message. Our followers are genuine, authentic users. We never pay to acquire or artificially inflate our followers numbers like others. We currently have more than 16,000 engaged followers:



4,218 twitter followers

Other distribution platforms:

657 viewers (19,000+ flips)

Mailing list
915 recipients (39.8% open rate)

308 subscribers

The above data was calculated on March 8th, 2019

Website traffic

Gastronomic Salt Lake City talks about one thing, and one thing only: the local food scene.  Our website traffic is completely driven by people wanting to explore the local food scene, locals and travelers alike.   

Compare our site and traffic to other local media that has a mixed message; are the traffic and reader numbers being quoted by other publications all related to the food scene?  Can the publication tell you what percentage of their readers content consumption is related to food? We can: 100%

In 2017 we saw approximately 225,000 page views on our main website. Our traffic numbers continues to grow as diners are increasingly turning to the web and social media for upto the minute dining information.  As a result, in 2018 we saw almost 400,000 page views.  

2018 page view breakdown per month.

January 26,019

February 23,395

March 27,480

April 27,914

May 30,057

June 27,747

July 34,278

August 37,093

September 33,352

October 39,410

November 38,312

December 44,655

Website search rank

While we don’t have access to our peers website data, public data exists to show a comparative view of web traffic. The following SEMrush Rank data is courtesy of the SEMrush tool. It represents a relative standing of traffic to all websites in the United States; lower is better, data compiled November 3rd, 2017:

148K |
165K |
172K |
214K |
430K |
433K |
509K |
908K |
978K |
1400K |
2600K |
4100K |

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I represent a number of top restaurants and I regularly rely on Gastronomic SLC as a great media partner. They are a big asset in helping me get timely, pertinent information out to a focused, engaged audience of foodies that are actively seeking out information on dining in Salt Lake.
Karen Boe, Boe Marketing has a rare dedication to getting below the surface to help readers gain a deeper understanding of restaurants and artisan food in general.
Matt Caputo, Director of Marketing, Tony Caputo’s Market & Deli.

The Gastronomic site is what grass roots-word of mouth advertising, and education is all about. It’s an opportunity for us to reach a very sophisticated and attuned clientele.
Mark Robbins, Franchisee, Ruth’s Chris Steak House SLC offered a very useful and accessible platform for us to promote the Park City Food & Wine Classic. The website allowed us to reach some of Salt Lake’s most discerning diners, with the minimum of fuss.
Gail Wiltshire, Team Player Productions