Best dishes in Salt Lake City

Looking for a specific dish rather than cuisine? Check out our composed guides below to get a handle on some of the most favorite dishes in Salt Lake City. If you’d like to see us review a different dish, just let us know!

Best burgers in Salt Lake City

BGR - Western BBQ Burger (BGR)

Hands down one of the most popular dishes; not just SLC, but the whole of the United States. If you’re searching for the best burger in town, you’re in luck, Utah is stacked with burger joints.

From humble mom and pop joints through to fancy pant gourmet gotos – you’ll find everything and more. Seriously if you can’t find your perfect burger in SLC we don’t think you really like burgers. Check out our guide to the best burgers in Utah.

Best steak in Salt Lake City

Avenues Proper - hanger steak (Avenues Proper)

It probably comes as no surprise to hear that out here on the Western side of the country – meat is a BIG deal.

As you’d expect, we have plenty of steakhouses to satiate your cravings. In downtown SLC you’ll find several ritzier options, while out in the suburbs you’ll find more affordable options. Check the our best steaks page for more information.

Best fish and chips in Salt Lake City

Cod? Halibut? Haddock? Something else? This classic British dish is executed across the Wasatch front in a myriad of styles.

Gateway entertainment destination

Fast food, fine dining, fast casual – there’s almost more ways to prepare this popular dish, than there’s fish in the sea. Check out our complete guide to fish and chips in SLC.

Best gyros in Salt Lake City

Yannis gyro with red sauce

With Utah being home to such a large Greek community, its natural that means there are more gyros around the city than you can shake a souvlaki at.

We’re pickier than most when it comes to this Read our full guide to SLC’s best gyro.

Best sandwiches in Salt Lake City

Feldman's Deli - loaded half pound sandwiches

From the classic deli style sub through to lobster loaded rolls and half pound monsters – there’s something for everyone in our collection of SLC’s finest.

Make sure you’re on top of your sandwich game by knowing the very best in town. Complete guide to SLC’s best sandwiches.

Best sushi in Salt Lake City

naked fish japanese bistro uni nigiri on sushi bar counter

Don’t let Salt Lake City’s ocean free status fool you, we have access to some of the best product in America, just like bigger name cities.

That means great sushi, if you know where to look of course. Read our guide to the 10 best sushi options in SLC.

Best fried chicken Salt Lake City

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? The crack and the crunch of fryer hot batter giving way to juicy chicken… O.k. that’s rhetorical, we have plenty of vegan friends so we know it’s not everyones cup of tea.

If fried chicken rocks your world though, here’s our complete guide to the best fried chicken in SLC.

Best fried rice in SLC

Some might write this dish off as nothing more than a quick and easy way to use leftover rice. We’d beg to differ.

A great fried rice is one our favorite comfort foods and as such, we always make note when we find a great example. Read on to discover some of the best places in Salt Lake for fried rice.If fried chicken rocks your world though, here’s our complete guide to the best fried chicken in SLC.

Best ramen in Salt Lake City

One of the hottest trends in 2018, and continuing in 2019 – ramen!

People are always on the hunt for the very best ramen in Utah, and we’re routinely asked where to find it. Which is why we made this collection of the best ramen restaurants in SLC.