Restaurant Review Roundup – December 2014

chefs table colorado rack of lamb
Chef’s Table: Colorado rack of lamb, via
Do you know where you’re eating out this weekend? No? Never fear, the restaurant review roundup is here. The December 2014 edition of the roundup features over 20 different restaurants, reviewed, rated and ruminated upon by local bloggers. Pictured above, Colorado rack of lamb, taken from Eat Byu and their review of Chef’s Table in Orem. Bon appétit! The Barrelhouse Cafe Med Chef’s Table Dem Po Boyz BBQ Eva’s Bakery Eva’s Bakery Eva’s Bakery Eva’s Bakery Gloria’s Little Italy It’s Tofu Mai Bun Mee Mano Thai Diner Park City Culinary Institute Penny Ann’s Cafe Pig And A Jelly Jar Provisions Roots Cafe R&R BBQ Sawadee Thai Sushi Burrito Taco Amigo Taco Taco Tosh’s Ramen Zest
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