Restaurant Review Roundup – January 2014


Ahh, the new year. The heady aroma of resolutions and best intentions, half of which are no doubt bold proclamations about exercise. I’m allowed to scoff, as I too have set more dreamy goals in the past week than I could achieve in several lifetimes. But guess what, The delicious food that stalks our streets will defeat you once more in 2014. Like me, just throw the towel in now, two days into the new years and instead dive into the following 20+ reviews from SLC local’s over the past month or so.

(featured image above: maple bourbon glazed bacon from RandomActsOfKelliness’s review of Silver)

180 Street Tacos



Avenues Bistro

Boba World

Cafe Galleria


Copper Onion

Couscous Mediterranean Grill

Curry In A Hurry

Ekamai Thai

Fresco Italian Cafe

Holy Smoke BBQ

Korea House

Layla Grill

Masala Indian Grill

Off The Grid


Pho 33

Pho Green Papaya



The Rose Establishment

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