Restaurant Review Roundup – April 2014

miyazaki a4 beef from naked fish japanese bistro

Counting the hours down to the weekend? Ready to clock off and enjoy the weekend? But wait, do you know where you’re dining out yet? Check out these 20+ reviews from local bloggers to not only find somewhere delicious, but while away the hours till its leaving time. Featured image above: Miyazaki A4 beef with […]

Restaurant Review Roundup – March 2014

kyoto maguro kimchee

Wondering where to eat out this weekend? Look no further than the March review roundup covering the current thoughts from the best and brightest Utah food bloggers – quite literally ranging A through Z. Featured image – Maguro Kimchee – courtesy of The Utah Review and their Kyoto Japanese Restaurant, yes that was shameless promotion […]

Restaurant Review Roundup – February 2014

mabo men ramen kobe sushi

Got a case of the Mondays? Start the week right – forget about work and instead hunker down over thirty reviews and reports on local restaurants. Featured image – Mabo-men ramen with spicy ground pork – from Heartbeat Nosh and their review of Kobe Sushi. Alamexo Boba World Bonneville Brewery Cannellas […]

Restaurant Review Roundup – January 2014

bacon at silver

Ahh, the new year. The heady aroma of resolutions and best intentions, half of which are no doubt bold proclamations about exercise. I’m allowed to scoff, as I too have set more dreamy goals in the past week than I could achieve in several lifetimes. But guess what, The delicious food that stalks our streets […]

Restaurant Review Roundup – December 2013

avenues proper beet ice cream and goat cheese pi

It’s definitely too cold out there to go and investigate the dining scene in person. Instead, rely on these 20+ restaurant reviews from local bloggers, from the comfort of your own home. And maybe, just maybe, check out somewhere new to dine when things start to look a little less bleak – hopefully earlier than […]

Restaurant Review Roundup – November 2013

alamexo salmon with plantain and pineapple

This month we feature 20 restaurant reviews in the roundup. Generating the most buzz is Alamexo – the latest restaurant from the talented team behind the former Zy restaurant. (Featured picture – Alamexo’s salmon with plantains and pineapple salsa – taken by the awesome people at The SLC Foodie). Alamexo Alamexo Alamexo […]

Restaurant Review Roundup – October 2013

the annex by epic brewing interior

25+ restaurant reviews in this months restaurant review roundup. If you cant’t find something deliciousness amongst this bunch, you probably don’t like food. Featured image courtesy of Random Acts of Kelliness and her first look at The Annex By Epic Brewing. The Annex By Epic Brewing Andinita Bambara Blue Nile Ethiopian […]

Restaurant Review Roundup – September 2013

riverhorse on main pork shoulder and polenta

With the weekend looming, and the work week dragging – check out these insightful restaurant reviews. Among the 40+ reviews of local restaurants by local writers – there’s surely something to brighten your weekend. Bon appetit! Featured image taken from and the review of Riverhorse On Main. African Mini Mart And Take Out […]

Restaurant Review Roundup – August 2013

taqueria 27 drinks chalkboard

I’m guessing everyone is too busy enjoying the summer sun and great outdoors right now; Just twelve reviews in this months round-up, but still bags of delicious to read and recount – plus a couple of new blog faces too. Featured image taken from review of Taqueria 27. Caffe Niche Deer Valley Grocery […]

Restaurant Review Roundup – July 2013

melty way interior

Want the latest scoop on what’s buzzing around town right now? You got it. Read on for this months restaurant review roundup – the latest reviews from local bloggers on local restaurants. (Featured image above courtesy of taken at Melty Way) Cafe Galleria Ekamai Thai Epic Casual Dining Finca Franck’s […]