Ok, let’s get the elephant in the room, snugly back in the zoo. Gastronomic Salt Lake City is as unbiased as any small organization can be in such a modest marketplace. This ain’t NYC and we don’t have six figure expense accounts.

We do get invited to restaurants, attend press and media events, often at no cost. I know, its a hard life. This is true of every major food writer in Salt Lake City. Several writers and publications do not mention their receipt of free invites, nor whether they result in subsequent write ups. Gastronomic Salt Lake City discloses every single freebie we write about. And if we wrote about it, we like that business, regardless of freebie. Seriously you should see the pile of invites we turn down, and the meals we haven’t wrote about…

SLC isn’t a large town and the dining scene is even smaller. We’re as open, honest and transparent as possible. Without our readers trust, we may as well pack up our bags now.

We do of course promote local businesses and they in turn pay us for our time. Our Local Partner program offers local businesses a channel through which to to spread their message with our readers. This program is only open to businesses we trust, respect and enjoy ourselves.

Again, the site is nothing without our readers trust and respect. We also have an inventory of paid banner spaces too, detailed in our media kit.

About the site

The website began with a clear aim: to become the defacto guide of what’s hot and what’s not here in good old Salt Lake City. Quickly the the scope of the website broadened. Why stop at just restaurant reviews? Hence the gastronomical aspect of the site. Wine, cooking, produce, it is all fair game. Since we launched in 2007, others have also joined in the fun. We now have both regular and one time contributors who submit articles for the site. If you want to write for us too, just get in touch.

We don’t cover chain restaurants. Period. We might highlight certain chain news, if they have either a quality product or local imprint worthy of note. In these instances, we are very selective. For every news piece or giveaway on the site, we’ve more than likely discounted ten others. We focus on local businesses first and foremost.

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Sometimes our content is also syndicated by Visit Salt Lake too.

Our head writer Stuart is also a freelance restaurant reviewer for theSalt Lake Tribune and a member of the Association Of Food Journalists. Stuart also writes for Visit Salt Lake (Ski City), The Utah Review and rambles on Yelp, Chowhound and Urbanspoon too.

About the reviews

Reviews are written in the context of the price point of the restaurant and the fact that we live in SLC not New York or Chicago. If we’re writing about a $65 bone in filet at a premium steakhouse, you can bet that will be held to higher critique than spending $10 in a mom and pop joint. Similarly, we try not to compare our restaurants with other cities, unless there is a clear reason to do so.

Contacting us

If you want to get in touch drop an email to We are always excited to hear from people who read the site. In addition, if you want to write for the site get in touch too. The scope of the site is constantly evolving and growing. If it relates to Salt Lake City and the food and beverage industry, our readers probably want to hear about it.

Advertising, press releases and marketing

Gastronomic Salt Lake City has been growing steadily since its launch in October 2007. Thousands of readers use the website each month to keep pace with the fast moving SLC dining scene. If you would like to put your restaurant in front of this food savvy (and hungry!) audience of local diners, please get in touch. Tip: send hi res graphics and actual copy/paste-able text format press releases. Oh how much we love retyping 1000s of words from a hard coded image release.

If you’re an amazing business you may also join our Local Partner program from under $25 per month (paid yearly). We also have an inventory of paid banner spaces too.

Did you really read this far? If so, your prize is the secret pigs of slc gallery.

Other websites

A few other websites of interest:

Our Business webhosting and domain names are sponsored by the sagacious and magnificent

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  1. Steven Lewis says

    Hey Stuart, has the search function been removed from the website? I haven’t been a frequent visitor lately (long story), but I was certain there was a search function earlier..

  2. says

    The search feature was lost in the last site redesign shuffle. There wasn’t the site real estate and you can pretty much use Google to interrogate any website these days, so it’s days were numbered.

    If you need any help looking for something in particular though just email me at

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