Chocolate The Exhibition Giveaway

chocolate the exhibition logo Did you know Utah is the home of America’s oldest known chocolate? That’s not the only thing you’ll get to learn about in the Natural History Museum of Utah’s latest exhibit – Chocolate: The Exhibition – and we have three pairs of tickets to the museum to giveaway (includes access to exhibit).

In addition to the exhibit itself you can also quiz local experts during regular chocolate blasts and sample local chocolate makers such as Mezzo, Solstice and Millcreek Roasting Co. during set chocolate tastings. Highlights from the main exhibition include:

Tropical Rainforest
Enter a lush, tropical rainforest and examine a replica of a cacao tree with its seed pods, the source of chocolate.

The Aztec
Explore an interactive Aztec marketplace, where valuable cacao seeds were used as money, to learn the purchasing power of a handful of beans.

Chocolate Comes to Europe
The Spanish conquest of the Americas introduced chocolate to Europe. Learn what happened when chocolate first met sugar. See how the wealthiest consumers satisfied their chocolate cravings.

Chocolate Manufacturing
Take a look at the sweet side of the Industrial Revolutionโ€”the steady stream of new inventions and creative advertising that brought chocolate bars to the masses.

Chocolate as a Global Commodity
Who grows cacao? Which country consumes the most chocolate? Explore the relationship between cacao production and trade across the world.

If that wasn’t enough there are also a series of public lectures and educational sessions from local experts such as Matt Caputo and Vanessa Chang. See the full program here (extra fees may apply).

To enter the contest all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. In your comment, just let us know – what’s the sweetest thing in your world right now. We will pick three lucky winners on March 10th – each will receive two free tickets to the museum and this great exhibition.

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My high school English teacher once told me I was the most arrogant young man she had ever met. Food criticism seemed like a natural leap. Stuart is largely fueled by Uinta Cutthroat, alliteration and the use of too many big words he doesn't understand. Stuart is also a member of the Association of Food Journalists.


  1. Eric Hurtado says

    Sounds like a great exhibition!
    The sweetest thing in my life right now
    Is my “Chocolate” Point Himalayan Cat.

  2. Erin Hanson says

    The sweetest thing in my life right now is my cheat day on my diet. This would be a fine complement.

  3. Alysa Stuart says

    Having leftover chocolates from the holidays that I get to indulge with my three year old behind my husband’s back!

  4. maria says

    The sweetest things in my life right now are my husband and our health! (Had a rough past year with being diagnosed with cancer at 29)

  5. Jenn Gonnelly says

    My husband of 13 years is the sweetest thing in my life right now. Friends come in as a close second.

  6. says

    The sweetest thing is my life is the little girl with big brown eyes and and a lil nose that matches mine that calls me ma’maw (grandma). ๐Ÿ˜€ … life is pretty sweet !

  7. Enrique Ferrini says

    My family is the sweetest thing! My other half and our daughter would love this exhibit. We love chocolate in our house.

  8. says

    The sweetest thing in my life is my chocolate shop in Ogden! We love chocolate and love sharing all of the amazing flavors with those around us!

  9. Judie Farris says

    The sweetest thing in my life right now is that it’s not snowing!! Soo happy about that. The snow is beautiful but it’s just not fun to me anymore :(

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