New year, new site, new features

finca pork belly In something of an effort to ignore my own personal resolutions I instead decided to tackle a far more important goal – a website overhaul. The new site you see before your mesmerized eyeballs is leaner, faster, stronger, tastier and downright kind to strangers and animals (well, unless you’re a pork belly).

The new design is built on clever technical stuff like HTML5 and responsive design principles. So whether you’re drooling over GSLC on your computer, phone or tablet, the experience should be a more readable, more drool worthy website. No, we don’t cover the cost of repairing drooled electronics.

In addition to existing features like our SLC event calendar (which should also now be smoother) and dining deals page we’ve also brought back our foodie forum too.

dojo pork belly sliders

Some of you might remember our older forum that died gasping under the weight of evil spam – well fear not – we cracked that problem. The new foodie forum offers a place for like minded SLC foodies to gather and talk about pork bellies. O.k. anything really, but probably pork bellies.

As we enter our seventh (eep) year writing about food and beverage in SLC, I’d like to doff my cap to every reader, writer, chef, restaurant, pr person, wine pusher – everyone – who has helped our site grow over the years. Here’s to seven more years, cheers :)

Featured image courtesy of Others – pork belly in SLC.

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My high school English teacher once told me I was the most arrogant young man she had ever met. Food criticism seemed like a natural leap. Stuart is largely fueled by Uinta Cutthroat, alliteration and the use of too many big words he doesn't understand. Stuart is also a member of the Association of Food Journalists.


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