Kickstarter success and caviar

SLC Pop goes full time

Congratulations to SLC Pop on their recent successful Kickstarter campaign.

With the funds raised, SLC Pop now has a permanent home to call its own, in the guise of the new Nata Gallery Located at 29 East and 400 South. To celebrate the launch of this new project a series of inaugural private dinners are planned on December 8th, 15th, 16th, & 21st-23rd.

The 10-course Modernist Chef Menu is priced at $75 per/person which includes tax but does not include gratuity. Seatings are at 7:00pm, 7:15pm and 7:30pm, and only 12 tickets are sold for each dinner, sales close two days prior to the event.

29 E 400 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

market street fish market south jordanPetrossian Caviar @ Market Street

Certain things are identified with celebrations and none is more fitting for the holidays than caviar. This Christmas Season, Market Street Fresh Fish Markets have once again made special arrangements to carry two delicious choices of domestic caviar from Petrossian, the importers and purveyors who first introduced caviar to Paris the 1920’s.

According to Tom Guinney, Market Street is pleased to offer the very best of the fresh, high quality caviar now sustainably produced in the United States. “We have selected these beautiful varieties, both delicious and affordable, to meet most preferences and tastes.”

Royal Transmontanus Caviar, likened to Ossetra, in tins from $70 (1.06 oz.) to $280 (4.4. oz.), is produced by sustainable white sturgeon, native to California. It is an elegant caviar that evokes the taste of the finest Ossetra, with a nutty flavor that is smooth and robust. Classic Transmontanus Caviar, in tins from $55 (1.06 oz.) to $225 (4.4 oz.), is similar to the Royal, but smaller and darker grey in color. It was heralded as “both bold and lush” by Departures Magazine.

Both the Royal and Classic are available in December at all Market Street Fresh Fish Markets. Larger tins, up to 35.2 ounces may be ordered 48 hours in advance. Petrossian’s Imported Tsar Imperial Ossetra may also be ordered 48 hours in advance in tins of 1.06 oz. ($170), 1.80 oz. ($280) and 3.6 oz. ($550). Chef Ty Fredrickson said caviar can be kept unopened in the coldest part of the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks, “but it should be consumed after opening.”

“We selected these two domestic varieties of Petrossian caviar to carry in the markets this holiday season because they are getting rave reviews and they are from sustainable fisheries,” Frederickson said. He said that the Petrossian family is known for its long commitment to importing and developing markets for the very best fresh, high quality caviar produced around the world.

Market Street Fresh Fish Markets Locations

2985 East 6580 South
(801) 942-8860

South Jordan
10702 South River Front Parkway
(801) 302-2262

260 South 1300 East
(801) 583-8808

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