Review round up 11/21/12

Long time readers might note the absence of the erstwhile ‘review round up’ segment of the site. In the round-up we summaried what other local bloggers were reporting on. I’m definitely of the mindset ‘the more the merrier’, and love to spread the word about other grass roots sites and writers.

Rather than list a range of reasons why the feature ceased, lets just call it what it is, the lack of my own gumption. Over the past few months though, a spate of new blogs and writers out there, have caused me to get this section back on the road. So, without further ado…

Bohemian Brewery:

East West Connection:

Red Ginger Bistro:

La Cai Noodle House:

Firehouse BBQ:

Chinag Mai Thai Cuisine:

Lucky Chen Chinese Cuisine:

Thai Lotus:

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